Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and Workshops offer Cancer Support Community members activities that provide opportunities for acquiring new skills, tools, information and techniques to learn how to live with cancer. The larger purpose of that learning is to increase a sense of control of one’s life and, as a consequence, to deepen emotional and social well-being. Since all lectures take place at the clubhouse, members build mutual emotional and social support together by sharing a variety of activities over time and in the same place.

Typical Lecture Titles:

  • “Ask the Doctor:” Colorectal Cancer
  • A Survey of Complementary Treatments
  • Women, Sexuality and Cancer
  • Talking to Your Children About Cancer
  • Cancer as a Catalyst for Change
  • Current Treatments for specific cancers
  • Managing Pain
  • Eating Your Way Through Chemotherapy
  • Participating in Your Medical Decision-Making
  • Everything You Need To Know About Health Insurance
  • Using Hospital Resources To Get What You Need
  • Emotions and Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Expert Panel
  • Talking to Your Doctor About Pain
  • Genetics and Cancer
  • Inside Tips From an Oncology Nurse
  • Cancer and the Workplace

Typical Workshop Topics:

  • Cooking and Nutrition for Cancer
  • Exercise After Breast Surgery
  • Keeping a Journal
  • Art Workshops: Painting, Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamping, Knitting
  • A Sampler of Meditation Techniques
  • Music and Meditation
  • Yoga/ Tai Chi/ Chi Gong/ General Exercise
  • “Laughing Matters:” Role-Playing for Fun
  • Mental Imagery for Relaxation
  • Body and “Soul Cooking” for Cancer
  • Expanding Body Awareness
  • Correct Breathing for Health
  • Make-up, Hair, Wig Workshops


These activities are meant to be of broad interest to people with cancer and family members, and to cover a wide range of topics. They will be as interactive as possible, with members exchanging information and perspectives. Lectures and Workshops take place exclusively in the clubhouse; popular topics are repeated, and new topics are introduced regularly.

If you are looking for scheduled lectures and/or workshops, check out the calendar of events on the home page of this site. The calendar lists all Cancer Support Community North Texas events.